First Day of Spring

First day of spring!! Couldn’t tell too easily though…cold, damp, dark, rainy, and generally crappy weather…then again, that does sound like Michigan in the spring as well…I’m glad I moved! 🙂

Anyways, just wanted to give a bit of an update. All the loyal fans of this website have been a bit irate about the lack ‘o new material. What was the phrase used… “crappy website”?

I don’t blame them, this place has gotten a tad stale…worse than the crackers I’d found in the desk drawer at work this afternoon…and it has been over a month since I’d taken chili to work! Yick.

So keep an eye on this place. I’ll let my actions speak for me. While you’re waiting, check out the oh so useful link ‘o the week.

Link ‘O the Week:

(Edited 4/17/15 to edit link.)

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