I’m Back

New stuff for the first time in awhile. Yes, I am alive, just busy as all Hell. Been some significant stuff going on. Andy is finally on for his Public Defense tomorrow…after all this time and his work, I am glad to see it for him.

Been on vacation…been selling all manner of shit on eBay…had some spiritual revelations…heh I’ll tell ya what to do with them as soon as I figure them out! Its good though, very good…healing in fact. Things are going to be changing a lot in the next month. I’m excited about it as much as I’m sad for the people around me. I’ve been through similar transitions like this in life and they can suck sometimes. I think they will lead to something good for all in the long run though.

On to tomorrow.

(Edited 4/17/15 to edit link. What were these spiritual revelations? I don’t remember offhand, I’ve slept since then.)

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