Life isn’t too bad these days, certainly better than its been at various points in the past few years.

DragonCon went great, it was the most fun we’ve had in years. The arcade games were a hit and everything went off surprisingly well. Everybody was competent and did their part though the whole process. It was a nice feeling to plan contingencies for the worst and not have to use them. We finally feel like we are making some progress, getting traction with a project that might be going somewhere.

We barely saw anybody this time around, never saw a single panel. I didn’t miss it. I’ve been to the parties, seen the costumes and the naked people. I’ve been to panels and forced my was through Dealer’s Rooms. Maybe I’ll do some (or all) of it again, but not right now. Time for another way to define my experience.

If things go well, we might do some cosplay next year.

In the time since then, its been about catching up on some things that were put aside for DragonCon and trying to continue the momentum on the other things that went well. Last weekend I got caught up on the yard work neglected before the Con, this weekend is some inside work and more progress on the games. Every finished game is an asset that can maybe move us forward, I’m willing to work for a better future.