FarceBook is Down

Facebook Go Boom

DownDetector.com is report lots of issues with the main FaceBook site, as well as related sites and services (FB Messenger, Instagram, etc.) today. For me and many other people that have been on the Internet for a long time, recently it has been a time where we seriously consider going back to our websites.

For one, being a product for Facebook to sell has never sat well with many (it never did with me). Second, the sheer amount of crazy bullshit and disinformation that is let run loose on the platform in the past few years has been disturbing, to say the least. Third, in the name of  cracking down on these issues, accounts are getting suspended (tossed in Facebook Jail) for the most random things.

I know several people that have been forced to create backup accounts, just in case the account they use to manage business pages gets suspended.

It’s become too much bullshit to be worth it.


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