The Grind

Life can feel like a meat grinder sometimes; designed to chew you up, take what it wants and spit out what’s left.

The jobs continues to pile up at work, the pace continues to get more frenzied. I knew it was coming and have dealt with this sort of thing more times than I can count in my career.

I wish I could say it gets easier.


I find myself frustrated by fucking WordPress.

Up until recently, its iOS app on my phone has worked without issue. It’s been a welcome chance in the rare times I both have the motivation AND time to say something.

Naturally, it now misbehaves.

the web version on the phone is a poor substitute and it’s just another thing I must troubleshoot. 


My Easter was more Income and Expenses than Jesus and Bunnies. Another year, another tax deadline.

Not only did I get it done a week before deadline, but I also skipped filing an extension like last year. I was at the end of my fucking rope last year, I’m glad to be a couple feet (I hope) from there.

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