19th Anniversary

Yesterday was our 19th Wedding Anniversary. All of these anniversaries have gifts traditionally associated with them, I’m not sure what this year might be. Aluminum Siding? Garden Gnomes?

Eh, its not worth the search.

It was a quiet one. We stayed in bed for about 12 hours and spent the afternoon reading on our couches. We were a little rambunctious the night before, so it was a low energy sort of day.

We were good with that.

After the past few years? Quiet is a welcome change. Silence and stillness allows the dust to finally settle, the chaos to finally end.

We watched the movie Passengers last night, good movie. One of the themes of the movie was living a good life, even if it wasn’t the one you first envisioned for yourself.

There is wisdom in that, some that I’ve been working on wrapping my head around after everything.

Today we start the day with frittata, then we’re off to the Atlanta Botanical Garden (expect flower pics). After that? We’ll see what we’re in the mood for.

One thought on “19th Anniversary”

  1. I took that away from Passengers as well. It was a very good choice for us! Enjoy WHERE YOU ARE. Make the best of what you have. Period. Everyone needs a reminder about that! Love you, honey! XOXO

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