My Easter was more Income and Expenses than Jesus and Bunnies. Another year, another tax deadline.

Not only did I get it done a week before deadline, but I also skipped filing an extension like last year. I was at the end of my fucking rope last year, I’m glad to be a couple feet (I hope) from there.

Things have been bad since the end of Nuvision. The fucking Pub Debacle ™, underemployment and then fucking COVID on top of that…

At this point, I pretty much expect to work until I fall over dead and will be replaced by a younger and cheaper model.

Still, my new job and Angela’s additional job have helped dig us out a bit. Still not much, still fucking slow, but something.

We will be paid off to the IRS for the first time in a couple years soon. Any fucking improvement is a lifeline at this point.

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