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Wandering Forward

Wandering forward
My life has not been straight, in a line or otherwise.

The months continue to roll past. Summer comes and goes, fades into Fall and the holidays creep in. Lots has happened, its mostly two steps forward, one step back. Tonight, I was subscribing to a Substack and it asked me to set up a username. I’ve never been much to having a good internet handle that stuck. Still, the above bit came to me and it kinda resonated.

So, time for a mass ‘rebranding’ (I hate using that term).

That’s it for now, I might get to the other recent changes later.


10 hour bastard of a day to start the week. Too much production work, tech support problems I didn’t have time for.

I did what I could and left that bullshit at the door.

I came home and enjoyed the evening with Angela. We had an amazing Mac n Cheese (that was also shared with our lovely neighbor), had some laughs and watched Strange New Worlds.

I can’t promise tomorrow, but I did ok today


Man, this week after the party has been fucking longgggggg.

It’s been a quiet weekend. Time with Angela, time with neighbors on Friday night. The past couple days have been mowing and yard work. Simple stuff, mowing, weeding, a nice change from having to always focus on so much crap, prioritize every moment.

Adulting can be exhausting.

The Grind

Life can feel like a meat grinder sometimes; designed to chew you up, take what it wants and spit out what’s left.

The jobs continues to pile up at work, the pace continues to get more frenzied. I knew it was coming and have dealt with this sort of thing more times than I can count in my career.

I wish I could say it gets easier.


I find myself frustrated by fucking WordPress.

Up until recently, its iOS app on my phone has worked without issue. It’s been a welcome chance in the rare times I both have the motivation AND time to say something.

Naturally, it now misbehaves.

the web version on the phone is a poor substitute and it’s just another thing I must troubleshoot.