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(Not At) DragonCon 2018

This is the first year we haven’t attended DragonCon in any way for a long time. The first one I went to was 1994 and pretty much went every year since 1998. That generally puts the number of times I’ve been in the 20-25 range. Some years were great, some sucked and there was lot of everything in between.

I don’t regret skipping it. Neither one of us had any energy or desire to deal with the crowds and its money we didn’t need to spend. For now, it feels to me more of the past than the future. Maybe this will change, but I’m happy leave that question be until 2019.

No telling where we will be a year from now.

Control Panel Work

I don’t plan to go to DragonCon, but some of my work will be there in the vintage arcade. Our business partner Brian needed some help with redoing a couple of his control panels. I’m pretty happy with the way they turned out.

He plans to replace the green trackball with a standard white one, once he gets them back.

Vintage Pac-Man Wallpaper

We had the idea to go looking for arcade themed wallpaper that could be used in the Pub. Much to our surprise, we found a couple rolls of sealed Pac-Man wallpaper from the 80’s on eBay!

We might use it in the bathrooms, not completely sure yet.

Re: Folly, Vice, and Madness

First, go read this post on, his post inspired this post.

Things I’ve heard about Trump’s tweets;
“You’re taking them out of context.”
Really, WHAT context am I supposed am to take them in? Metaphor? Allegory? Prophecy? Fox News worldview filter?
He makes up shit on a regular basis on his feed with the assumption that people just take them as fact.
“Just ignore them.”

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Re: Tax Cuts

This post is in response to this article on, Companies buying back their own shares is the only thing keeping the stock market afloat right now.

Stock buybacks, NOT the company investment promised by Republicans when selling their tax cuts.

These companies always do this:

1. Stock Buybacks
2. Company Automation/Investment
3. Employee Wages

Data shows these are the priorities, every time.

Yet you keep expecting different?

Maybe it will work the next time, after the next recovery from the recession they are setting the stage for.

After all, deficits don’t matter, until a Democrat is in charge.

Re: Trolls, Lulz

This was written in response to this article, How Dare You Blame People Calling For Murder Of Journalists For Murder Of Journalists?

Some Sunday reading for the “fuck your feelings” crowd.

“It no longer matters — if it ever did — if these people think they’re just innocently “trolling.” If they wanted only their precious lulz. They don’t get their motherfucking lulz anymore. They are adults, they are responsible for their words and actions, and no one cares if they only said they wanted to see journalists murdered or curb-stomped, or repeated Nazi propaganda, because they just wanted to “own the libs.” They can fuck right off with that. Don’t say you want to see journalists murdered unless you actually want to see journalists murdered. Don’t say you want to see journalists murdered and then clutch your pearls and go “How dare you say I really meant that! I just wanted my lulz! I’m politically incorrect! That means I get to say what I want and no one gets to hold me responsible for it! Teehee!”

Meanwhile, they continue to be very upset at our “incivility.”

Fuck their lulz. Fuck their trolling. Fuck their “political incorrectness.” Fuck their false equivalencies. People are dead, it’s time for this shit to end.”