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Vintage Tech

Good video. It covers a lot of the issues I’ve seen first hand over the years; Dying hard drives, brittle plastics, corrosion and dead capacitors. These are a lot of issues that has plagued other technology (like old radios and video games) for years. But with the explosion of computers overt the past 30 years? We see it now more than ever.

Changing Hosts (Again)

The timetable on signing the lease has been moved up a month, so we’re trying to get things in order. Before long, we will be tied up with buildout for the next few months.

I’ve been shutting down some old comic sites and have redirected them to We hope to revisit the comics, after we get the Pub up and running smoothly. While it never made any money, we both enjoyed doing them.

The service and support from our last host has been getting worse for a while, so now was time to shop around. Things are looking good so far and we hope it continues to go well. After all, there will be many site updates in anticipation of launching the Pub.