Why a Website

So, why a website? Why am I sitting up in the dark, near midnight, typing away like a madman? Why have I messed around with this at all for the past couple of years?

Good question.

Originally, I’d started this site as a way to stay in touch with friends and family. A way for them to know what was going on with me without having to wait so long on my ass.

Didn’t quite work.
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Dishes and Deep Thoughts

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“Things never change…”

How many times have I heard that phrase? or thought it myself?

Things never changing is a sad and dangerous illusion that we all have felt at some point. For me, it took my mother’s death to really drive home the point of it being an illusion.

There have been many metaphors for life and our journey through it. A bowl of cherries, a sad struggle, a whole spectrum of perspectives on this existence. One that came to me when doing the dishes of all things works for me right now.

It’s much like a fun house ride, maybe one of those bumper cars. We’re all on the same ride, even if different parts of it. It takes a lot of twists and turns with some pretty hard hits along the way. We all know how it started and how it will end, even if we don’t know when.

Things always change, even when we don’t realize it.

Monday Night

Went to The Varsity with Angela, Andy and his family to celebrate Dr. Ray’s graduation from Emory University!

This was the first time I’d eaten at the location downtown and was THE FIRST time Angela had EVER eaten there! For myself, I’d went all out; a chili slaw dog, a chili cheese steakburger, onion rings, an orange squishy and fried peach pie. The onion rings had left a puddle in the bottom of the container they were so greasy! I’m sure as dinner digests tonight it will be a memorable experience for all.

In other news, I had the Flu last week (that seems to have become an annoying case of allergies, BTW). Tuesday I’d felt a little off and by that night I was laid up with a 101 degree temp. Ended up calling in Wednesday and it took some of the wind out of my 28th birthday Thursday. Still, Angela made the experience So much more bearable with her company and her cooking, thanks Baby!

Sunday, Angela and I went to The High Museum of Art to check out the Degas exhibit. It was a lot of fun and the work was great. I’d won the tickets from the website for Creative Loafing! Remember kids, free is good.

(Edited 4/17/15 to edit links.)

I’m Back

New stuff for the first time in awhile. Yes, I am alive, just busy as all Hell. Been some significant stuff going on. Andy is finally on for his Public Defense tomorrow…after all this time and his work, I am glad to see it for him.

Been on vacation…been selling all manner of shit on eBay…had some spiritual revelations…heh I’ll tell ya what to do with them as soon as I figure them out! Its good though, very good…healing in fact. Things are going to be changing a lot in the next month. I’m excited about it as much as I’m sad for the people around me. I’ve been through similar transitions like this in life and they can suck sometimes. I think they will lead to something good for all in the long run though.

On to tomorrow.

(Edited 4/17/15 to edit link. What were these spiritual revelations? I don’t remember offhand, I’ve slept since then.)

My life has not been straight, in a line or otherwise