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Franken-Mac Progress

Well, my Franken-Mac is up and running. That is, for those not following the story, its the bastardized Powermac 9600 I put together back in August to replace the iBook that shit itself. It is a mess of parts that honestly shouldn’t be running as well as it does, but it gets the job done. It is running Mac OS X (when it has no business doing so) thanks to a guy who has too much times on his hands, Ryan Rempel.

Its a good thing we now have DSL because of all the software updates I needed to run. ::Sigh:: Guess that’s the way it works, when you do tech support for a living, the last computer you get to is always your own.

Interesting Link: Goats.com – A comic strip that is growing on me.

(Edited 4/17/15 to remove spam, relink image. The computer image is from here.)

House Hunting

Took a look at some houses tonight. There is a pretty wide range of stuff just going from one street to the next! Guess that’s the nature of gentrification…

I still wonder if we will be able to afford getting into a house. We’re gonna find out more tomorrow when we meet with a loan officer Angela was talking to this afternoon. They hit if off pretty well and this woman specializes in helping first-time buyers. Sounds like she’s right up our alley.

Pulled out the old PowerBook today. Its surprising how useful a 9 year old laptop can still be! Gonna see if I can get it working so that one of our client’s can use it on an upcoming trip. Well, so far he can play Asteriods at least…