The hardest thing to reconcile is the contradiction of our existence.

We are here for a moment, or, for decades…until we are not.

How do we handle that? How do we decide what to do and what is important?

The fluid worth of each moment is so hard to judge, I feel often on the wrong end of it.

Mother Nature

A friend posted this to Facebook this morning. I don’t follow the person that has been quoted on Twitter, but I think he’s right.

I know Mother Nature is putting the South in the oven this Summer. We got seasoned with pollen, then stuck right back in the fridge to marinate.

Interpersonal conflict is a when, not an if. Personal life, work life, it doesn’t discriminate. It was at work today.

Ultimately, I just try to focus on the end result. Design with the end in mind and the rest just needs to sort itself out.