2021 Wrapup

So yeah, 2021 sucked.

Trump. January 6th. The Big Fucking Lie.

COVID. STILL fucking COVID. Delta, then Omicron.

Fucking Omicron. That shit has exploded in the past month. Looks like the CDC is predicting its going to peak in January. I wonder if there will be any kind of lockdowns again?  We’re hoping this will be the last gasp of the COVID. Time will tell.

We’re just going to be real quiet, lay low and hope this coming year is better.


We dumped 1.5 trillion into the stock market and nobody batted an eye, give the people on the bottom $600 a week and they lose their shit.

Especially people near the bottom. For some reason, they were the most pissed.

You know you’re closer to the poor than you are to the rich, right? You should be happy that people like you can pay their bills for another couple months.

Heading Home

Wrapped things up today. Got my stuff together and looked through the last things, just in case I missed something. My anxiety shot up and my heart beat in my chest, knowing this is the last time I’d see this place.

The drive back from Mancelona to Detroit went well, no stop sign issues. I think the town where I got my ticket was Gaylord Grayling (thanks Teresa). I made sure to roll down my windows, blast Lynard Skynard and give them the British finger, just in case.

Finally at the airport, through security and waiting on the flight. Oddly, I discovered the double shot of Absolut vodka and a beer were a better deal. I think it will pair nicely with pizza.

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