Player One Arcade Pub Kickstarter

The description from the Kickstarter describes it best:

Player One Arcade Pub is the result of years of planning and hard work by Angela and Nick. This concept was born as Player One Arcade Services back in 2014. They bought a couple of vintage arcade games and Nick discovered that he is really good at repairing and refurbishing them.  This hobby became a side hustle and they started collecting games to repair, and then began to rent out games and do conventions – notably Dragon*Con and MomoCon. Nick also became known for his repair work and commissions. Their first client was My Parents Basement in Avondale Estates; they did a Nintendo cabinet and a DigDug cabinet for them. 

Nick worked 20+ years in the print industry and in 2017, the company closed. Angela has worked in restaurants for 18+ years and her family owned steak houses in the 80s, so she is well versed in how to run the business end. She is also a fantastic cook and has worked for over a year developing the menu. When Nick’s job ended, they decided to put all their skills together and came up with this concept. Not only is it timely, but Atlanta is FAR behind other cities in the US when it comes to vintage arcades! Player One will be the largest vintage arcade pub in the Atlanta Metro area – and one of the few arcade bars with a full kitchen.

We want to provide a welcoming safe space to all stripes of nerdity: gamers, cosplayers, sci-fi, comics, you name it. We are nerds ourselves and love all kinds of nerdy things! We are also into all sorts of art and plan to promote local artists, too. We have SO many plans! 

We have sunk 100% of all our money, savings, stocks and credit cards into this project and we are still short. Due to various reasons, we are 6 months behind in the buildout and opening of our pub. The delays have cost us approximately $70k, all of which took away from our liquid cash to open the pub. 

On May 2, Nick had an accident that ruined his left (dominant) hand and sprained his right ankle severely. Now we have medical bills to add to the list of costs as well as losing his skills as a handyman to do several things at the pub, which we will now have to pay a contractor to do. 

We have managed to get about 70% of the costs covered, but we are at the end of our resources. We need $65,000 to get the bar finished and the doors open. It is a lot, we know. But we think this pub is worth it. We hope our gaming and nerd communities will come together and help us succeed. WE CAN DO THIS!! Please share this KS everywhere you can think of! 

You can donate any amount to this kickstarter, so if you want to get a level of reward and have a few more dollars to spend, please add to your amount. 

Our GoFundMe paid for the kegerator, ice bin and reach-in cooler for the bar. This project will pay for finishing the buildout, buying the last equipment we need and paying to train our employees for opening. 

We hope you’ll join us to make this pub happen. We think it will be a great addition to the Atlanta Metro. We cannot wait to serve you!  

Teamwork makes the dream work! 

Risks and challenges

The risk we ran with this dream of ours was putting all our money in one basket. But we did it because we BELIEVE in this idea and we know it will be a success. We knew we were close with the funds, but the delays really messed up the finances. Kickstarter is all or nothing, so we will either open or not depending on the success of this campaign.

Repair Work

One of the locations I went to today has been around since 1980.  I imagine they saw many of the classic arcades from back in the day went through this place. It reminds me of Skate Land, the roller skate place I grew up with back in the 80’s.

Removing an out of order sign or tape covering a damaged part is very satisfying.  Especially with a place that has history like this.

Gutter Work

Since the roof work a few months ago, we’ve noticed water leaking over and past the gutters. After checking things out, I know why. They put the shingles OVER most of the gutter covers. There were a couple hundred nails still bouncing around in the gutters, too. 206, to be exact.

No wonder I’ve had my tires patched three times in a month’s time.

Another Tire Repair

Took the truck in today to get a nail patched. Good thing too, they discovered a SECOND nail in the tire when patching it! It’s only been a month since discovering the last nail in my right front tire. Looks like more nails were left over from the roof replacement than originally thought.

Pac Cocktail Work

Much of last week was spent on paperwork, admin and tech support.

Today I got back to doing some game work. We picked this one up a couple weeks ago and hope to get this ready to deploy soon. Today the lock was changed and the coin door light was swapped out. The original coin insert was trashed, but one of the old ones from the Super Pac-Man was decent.

Changing Hosts (Again)

The timetable on signing the lease has been moved up a month, so we’re trying to get things in order. Before long, we will be tied up with buildout for the next few months.

I’ve been shutting down some old comic sites and have redirected them to We hope to revisit the comics, after we get the Pub up and running smoothly. While it never made any money, we both enjoyed doing them.

The service and support from our last host has been getting worse for a while, so now was time to shop around. Things are looking good so far and we hope it continues to go well. After all, there will be many site updates in anticipation of launching the Pub.

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