2021 Wrapup

So yeah, 2021 sucked.

Trump. January 6th. The Big Fucking Lie.

COVID. STILL fucking COVID. Delta, then Omicron.

Fucking Omicron. That shit has exploded in the past month. Looks like the CDC is predicting its going to peak in January. I wonder if there will be any kind of lockdowns again?  We’re hoping this will be the last gasp of the COVID. Time will tell.

We’re just going to be real quiet, lay low and hope this coming year is better.

Repair Work

One of the locations I went to today has been around since 1980.  I imagine they saw many of the classic arcades from back in the day went through this place. It reminds me of Skate Land, the roller skate place I grew up with back in the 80’s.

Removing an out of order sign or tape covering a damaged part is very satisfying.  Especially with a place that has history like this.

Gutter Work

Since the roof work a few months ago, we’ve noticed water leaking over and past the gutters. After checking things out, I know why. They put the shingles OVER most of the gutter covers. There were a couple hundred nails still bouncing around in the gutters, too. 206, to be exact.

No wonder I’ve had my tires patched three times in a month’s time.

Another Tire Repair

Took the truck in today to get a nail patched. Good thing too, they discovered a SECOND nail in the tire when patching it! It’s only been a month since discovering the last nail in my right front tire. Looks like more nails were left over from the roof replacement than originally thought.

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